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Preparing for grade school is an important part of early childhood education. Children should know basic social skills along with numbers, letters, and colors. Our preschool curriculum is created to help them get ready for kindergarten and beyond.

Our early learning center classes are designed to prepare children for school academically as well as socially and emotionally. At Westmore Child Development Center, the class size is kept small to provide individualized attention as well as small group work to teach children how to handle both types of environment.


Our Christian preschool is developed to build a foundation for reading by having a print rich environment and lessons on phonemic awareness, while also teaching children Christian values. The curriculum focuses on writing formation and using start and stop points. The daily routine also incorporates art, movement and music for a well rounded education.

The ultimate goal of our child care center is to help build confidence and academic preparation. For more information about our preschool and day care services, contact us at Westmore Child Development Center today. We are proud to serve our friends and neighbors in Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding area in Christian child care services.