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Early Learning Center in Oklahoma City, OK

Early Learning CenterWestmore Child Development Center is proud to offer the innovative learning techniques as part of our private early learning center program. At a Christian day care, like ours, children are viewed as naturally eager to learn. We pride ourselves in our ability to facilitate and guide learning in a way that fully engages children with fun Christian lessons, rather than subjecting them to boring lectures.

Our preschool sets the foundation for this learning style, and then seamlessly brings them into kindergarten to continue their education and prepare them for grade school. From the start of our toddler day care we give your child the confidence and skills to learn individually and as part of a group. Our goal is to give your child a full education that does not sacrifice their social and moral education for academics. With us, your child will excel in all three areas.

Enroll your child in our early learning center for the best education they’ll receive. You’ll be amazed by their reading and arithmetic skills, as well as their enthusiasm for learning. Contact us at Westmore Child Development Center in Oklahoma City, OK for information on our program and how to enroll your child today!

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